About Us

BR Careers International Inc. is a boutique executive recruiting agency, located in Toronto and New York City. With a global co-broker network that spans to Australia, Canada, Dubai, Japan, USA and the U.K., BR Careers International Inc. has The Right People at the Right Time!

Providing targeted, real-time recruitment and talent sourcing for the Retail, Consumer Packaged Goods, Public Relations, and Media Marketing industries, who are seeking top-level executives to join their team.

Our screening process is virtual, quick and includes an expert recruiter who will mentor the entire process. We match The Right People at the Right Time! because we discuss and get-to-know our database network; ensuring our information is accurate and current, for quick searches and matching to each job.

Our Vision is to connect people to the jobs they were born to do...not just able to do!

Our Mission is to provide education, expert mentorship and strategic guidance to both employers and candidates, helping to balance and increase loyalty in the workplace; thus creating more sustainability in the global economy.

Need some help looking for a new career opportunity? Get connected today and start your path to a positive career connection!

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